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Pigs May Not Really Fly but their Hot Air is Money

Farmers capturing the methane from the effluent of pigs and providing a fantastic return on investment is one example of carbon credit helping reduce greenhouse emissions.  See The Australian article for more details

Check out the $1.7b Federal Government Clean Energy Future Package to see how it might assist you – and learn how the funding via the new carbon tax will work in practice.

That’s What We Like

Life is becoming very mainstream – now on the ABC they have a story on a woman saving fuel by lowering her tyre pressure.  This has been one of our tips for a longtime.  Car and tyre companies “recommend”  tyre pressure way below what is needed for reducing consumption of fuel.


Cars are more comfortable to drive in at a lower tyre pressure – more cushion effect.  Try it though … Read more »

Find the Frog Inside You for Ease on Easy

We are starting a new section in the New Ideas Now section as there are so many great things that can be done with so little effort, energy and just a slightly different way of looking at things.

We look forward to your ideas or thoughts on what we are suggesting – some of which I personally have already started.

Whilst we do not drive or fly around Australia selling property, we … Read more »