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Let’s Experiment as Never Before

There are so many tragedies appearing before our (locked down) eyes with the impact of Covid19 that it seems human nature to constantly try to find the silver linings.


One of the things I have been thinking so much about is the opportunity for us to experiment socially and economically in ways that were once mostly unthinkable.  One idea I have is, whilst … Read more »

Pigs May Not Really Fly but their Hot Air is Money

Farmers capturing the methane from the effluent of pigs and providing a fantastic return on investment is one example of carbon credit helping reduce greenhouse emissions.  See The Australian article for more details

Check out the $1.7b Federal Government Clean Energy Future Package to see how it might assist you – and learn how the funding via the new carbon tax will work in practice.

That’s What We Like

Life is becoming very mainstream – now on the ABC they have a story on a woman saving fuel by lowering her tyre pressure.  This has been one of our tips for a longtime.  Car and tyre companies “recommend”  tyre pressure way below what is needed for reducing consumption of fuel.


Cars are more comfortable to drive in at a lower tyre pressure – more cushion effect.  Try it though … Read more »

Find the Frog Inside You for Ease on Easy

We are starting a new section in the New Ideas Now section as there are so many great things that can be done with so little effort, energy and just a slightly different way of looking at things.

We look forward to your ideas or thoughts on what we are suggesting – some of which I personally have already started.

Whilst we do not drive or fly around Australia selling property, we … Read more »