Find the Frog Inside You for Ease on Easy

We are starting a new section in the New Ideas Now section as there are so many great things that can be done with so little effort, energy and just a slightly different way of looking at things.

We look forward to your ideas or thoughts on what we are suggesting – some of which I personally have already started.

Whilst we do not drive or fly around Australia selling property, we do Field Trips which do require long distance travel.  We always try and do many properties and other local activities on our travels.

And, I have been driving for many years now and so have had much experience pretty much of all types of drivers.


I now drive up hills very slowly.  This all started with the shock of the little computer in the car which tells you how much fuel is used going up a hill compared to down.  So now I drive slowly up hill and very fast downhills.


I now wave buses or cars on through a pedestrian crossing if they are approaching rather than exerting my rights.  Seems ridiculous for them to slow down and stop for me and then have to accelerate off once I have walked across.  Me as pedestrian waiting another 15 seconds for them to pass is one of the best things I can do in a city.

Issues I would like feedback about

– how to stop buses driving so fast in the city,  what a waste of time and effort.  The bus systems seems to think there job is to move a piece of machinery from place to place.  So ideas to share please ?

– how to persuade the bus system to have small buses going continously around suburbs that have no good public transport or very slow and not very reliable ones.  So it seems small electric buses feeding in to trains, trams, big buses.