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He Giveth and He Take Away – It’s All About New – Housing that is in NSW

The NSW Government’s plan is all about stimulating new housing and hoping some added bonuses may mean some of it occurring in regional area.

Good news in NSW for First Home Buyers – but only if you buy a new house or apartment.  You can now receive $15,000 for new property up to $650,000 (up from $600,000).  The $7,000 for existing property is gone.

Benefits also apply for stamp duty.  None to … Read more »

Pigs May Not Really Fly but their Hot Air is Money

Farmers capturing the methane from the effluent of pigs and providing a fantastic return on investment is one example of carbon credit helping reduce greenhouse emissions.  See The Australian article for more details

Check out the $1.7b Federal Government Clean Energy Future Package to see how it might assist you – and learn how the funding via the new carbon tax will work in practice.