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LFIA design competition – Make Money and Have your Say

Registrations for the Living Future Institute of Australia’s design competition are open.
What does a socially just, culturally rich, ecologically restorative retail centre actually look like?

This competition is open to anyone and everyone with different entry categories to share in a prize pool of over $30,000.

So form a design teams, register to enter – see more here  on the … Read more »

Forget the climate, it is most likely toxins and food

Interesting talk with Dick Smith and Paul Ehrlich yesterday.  The major concern for our grandchildren is going to be the toxicity of the planet – the poisons we have created and left around.

As well, the earth heating by 5 degrees, not the 2 degrees that has always been predicted – will mean that the combination of soil, water, plants will be thrown in turmoil.  So with a massive massive population … Read more »

Be Influential Today – How Do You Buy Paper ?

Trees, timber, climate change, food security, water scarcity – these will all be issues for this decade
How can we influence anything – every day there is an opportunity in how we live our lives and it can be a very small but very influential action
Take buying paper – buy the best paper not the cheapest.  I don’t drive the cheapest car, wear the cheapest cloths, live in the cheapest house … Read more »