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Let’s Experiment as Never Before

There are so many tragedies appearing before our (locked down) eyes with the impact of Covid19 that it seems human nature to constantly try to find the silver linings.


One of the things I have been thinking so much about is the opportunity for us to experiment socially and economically in ways that were once mostly unthinkable.  One idea I have is, whilst … Read more »

EcoWATCH – The Carbon Tax and Carbon Trading – Let’s Really Understand It

There is so much politics around the carbon tax we have decided to have an EcoWATCH segment over the next few Newsletters.  Also to blog about it so that we can all have a better understanding of what it really is, what are the costs and to who, and what are the benefits and to who.  You are welcome to comment here on the blog.  You can also … Read more »

Start to Understand Carbon Trading in Community

Ready to participate in climate change – the reality of it and what it can mean in your community – starting Tasmania but will extend to other areas

Join Friends of the Earth



Assess your lifestyle and contribute to the carbon trading debate

Politics of fear and attempts at power grabbing are clouding what is one of the most important debates of our time.  Ensure you are informed and can make better decisions by utilising some of the tools now available. The Australian Greenhouse Calculator (AGC) helps you explore how your lifestyle contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.

We all enjoy the benefits of modern technology such as heating and lighting, but we … Read more »

Climate Change Climate Denial Made Easy

New book is out explaining climate change easily – along with the carbon tax anything that will assist the current debate at the easiest possible level of understanding is always welcome.  Check out reviews here

There is also a link to the Science Show for a great interview

Surviving and Preparing for Natural Disasters

Insurance is going to be one of the hot issues of the flood recovery so this is a good time to review and really understand your own insurance even if you are not affected.

Firstly, tips for those immediately affected

1.  Whatever your insurance company says, their view is not final.

2.  Most important is to submit a claim even if your insurance company or broker says you are not covered.

3.  Before you … Read more »