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EcoProperty was founded by a committed environmentalist who came to this work from personal interest in environmental design, Permaculture, organics and a building project to create a small neighbourhood community of 3 houses.  The journey started many moons ago now with all our efforts on eco.com.au gradually transforming over the years to a wide range of services all about property and sustainability and to new websites as the internet increasingly dominated our lives.

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As well as personal interest in sustainable living, the driving factor was to protect what people had done in their properties (design, conservation, management) by passing the properties on to people who would appreciate their work and assets and continue on.  We heard stories of energy efficient designed properties being sold on the open market and the integrity of the design changed; organic farms not being respected and bought up by neighbours to exploit the soil and timber and return to traditional farming; for natural habitat to be destroyed by developers rather than establishing projects to work with the natural systems, and so on.

EcoProperty was established to protect, conserve, promote what people had done, or could do, in their property. As we visited properties and understood the broad and deep features in all the various types, we realized the concept of ecoproperty as a methodology of recognition and promotion of property and sustainability.  As ‘greenwash’ grew in the marketplace, ecoproperty® was created as a trademark to ensure the integrity in its application, ethics in business and licensing in its use.

The application of ecoproperty® increased every year as we increasingly understood its power to brand and market properties so eco assets were recognised, their values acknowledged.  It also provides a powerful educational role for understanding natural systems and how human endeavour must work with nature to ensure sustainable lifestyles for all inhabitants of the planet. The founder and now CEO of EcoProperty recognised that the system can be utilised to create social and economic change.

Ecoproperty® is an always will be dynamic.  It would have taken 100 years to develop a perfect methodology.  Instead, it identifies key features and history of a property and how to convey this to the market and be recognized in values not usually part of property transactions.

The philosophy is based on cooperation and to create use or transfer of property that is satisfying to all parties.  Driven by our belief in ‘harmony in abundance’.  Mother Earth and human ingenuity is amazing and truly awesome.

We have a commitment to Eco Excellence in all that we do and have developed our Programs and Services based on extensive experience and expertise.


It has been a great pleasure to work primarily with property owners all around Australia, mostly for the sale or rent of their property.

In recent years ecoproperty® has been made available to real estate agents and the website ecoproperty.com increases this availability.  The interest is in the property itself.  One of our next goals is to recognise real estate agents who do understand the properties and have a commitment to environmental sustainability.  Referrals and recommendations of real estate agents will continue to build.

A wide range of Programs are provided for property owners and real estate agents to sell, rent, lease, holiday, commercial sales and leasing, projects.  A Program is selected and the property owner or real estate agent is the contact.  Within the Program, once a property is recognised as being ecoproperty® the license is available for that property.


Born in Australia, ecoproperty® is for people and property anywhere and everywhere.

EcoProperty Special Consultants conduct Field trips to visit properties.  Field trips are notified through Newsletters or you are welcome to contact the office anytime to find the next Field Trip for your BioRegion.

Meetings are held in local areas as well as our head office locations.  These are by appointment only to ensure the right personnel are available for the meetings.

All the Comprehensive EcoProperty Programs include a Dedicated Program Manager.  Work is conducted by phone, email, skype and property visits.

EcoProperty Specialist Consultants provide free advice about how best to utilise the Programs, how to avoid key mistakes, reach target audiences, how to promote, maximise all the benefits of the selected Programs.  They will also recommend what will work best for the type of property and its location.


Once you have an EcoProperty Account you can utilise it 24/7 and 365 days per year.  We also work 24/7 and 365 days per year.  Office hours are traditional business hours so some work is conducted on the next business day.  All urgent inquiries can be made any time and alot of work includes weekends as well as the traditional business week.

Property visits are conducted as a group in a BioRegion as part of our commitment to sustainability and minimising use of resources such as transport.  For some projects and programs, EcoProperty Specialists do make dedicated trips and so your property and project will always be customised to meet your requirements.


So EcoProperty is about property and sustainability.

Each property is assessed in the 5 main ecoproperty® categories and any achieving highest status receives the Corroboree frog in recognition of values in each category.
ecoproperty® is the property identification and recognition system utilised as a branding and licensing system for property that contributes to sustainability.

ecoproperty® recognizes and promotes eco values.  Once identified as ecoproperty® the assessment and rating provides a guide to the property or business. 

Outcomes are: education, value appreciation, resources, awareness, all driving sustainability in the market.

All services are outlined in the Programs.

For special projects or quotes you will be contacted to discuss in detail.