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February 1-6 2024

The Planet
Earth is already 1.7 degrees Celsius warmer
Researchers say findings could help improve current modelling on global warming, but the big takeaway is the need for rapid decarbonisation.

New Category for hurricanes needed due to increasing strength
Crazy predictions continue.

Warragamba Dam levels threatening spillover as levels reach 100% come months after warnings to conserve water
Chile wildfires death and massive destruction

Let’s Experiment as Never Before

There are so many tragedies appearing before our (locked down) eyes with the impact of Covid19 that it seems human nature to constantly try to find the silver linings.


One of the things I have been thinking so much about is the opportunity for us to experiment socially and economically in ways that were once mostly unthinkable.  One idea I have is, whilst … Read more »

LFIA design competition – Make Money and Have your Say

Registrations for the Living Future Institute of Australia’s design competition are open.
What does a socially just, culturally rich, ecologically restorative retail centre actually look like?

This competition is open to anyone and everyone with different entry categories to share in a prize pool of over $30,000.

So form a design teams, register to enter – see more here  on the … Read more »

February 14 2016 : Productive Garden Workshop

At Riverdale, Wesburn near Warburton Vic
Composting, biodynamic principles, bush foods and growing vegetables and fruits. $90 including lunch based on the produce from the 900m2 kitchen garden. Bookings

RBA has spoken – they are staying low

The Reserve Bank (RBA) has kept rates the same again retaining the 2% cash rate. Good for stability and certainty.

Here are the key points of its analysis and decisions:

” The global economy is expanding at a moderate pace, with some further softening in conditions in China and east Asia of late, but stronger US growth. Key commodity prices are much lower than a year ago, in part reflecting increased supply, … Read more »

Wake Up Mr Abbott – we definitely need some visionary leadership – Renewables, Coal andPower Systems

We are in the midst of rapid change in power systems for homes, business, industry. Australia and every country around the world. So much of our wealth was built on coal, agriculture and mining. The future ? It may be very different.

What we need is some visionary leadership to take Australia from its past in to an exciting, innovative future. We are good at innovation. Some wonderful inventions, innovations, thinking … Read more »

Beware – Mr Fluffy and the implications for buying property or existing owners

ACT – Mr Fluffy.  The ACT Government is purchasing the Mr Fluffy homes which will hopefully be a good outcome for most property owners.  However, dual occupancy is looking like the new norm for the blocks of land. 

If you are intending to buy property any time soon in the … Read more »

More Reasons to Choose Organic Food

Slave labour in Australia ?

Anyone old enough will remember all the labour abuse in the textile, clothing and footwear industries where mostly women worked for a pittance.

Now sadly it is agriculture and migrant workers, probably Australians as well.

Check out the ‘Slaving Away’ program on Four Corners on the ABC for what is going on in the food chain suppliers to Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and … Read more »

Majestic ‘Liverpool Plains’ Exhibition at National Trust, Sydney

Research artist Dr Robbie van Hemert, has spent the past three years working with environmental scientists,‘Liverpool Plains’ farmers and the wider community to create an exhibition of over 30 works.

These botanical artworks relate to food production and its significance to the lives of everyday Australians.

The ‘Majestic Food Plains… A Land Biography’ exhibition, at the National Trust Centre in Sydney opening this March 27 showcases the magnificent “Liverpool Plains’ – one … Read more »