About EcoProperty

EcoProperty Pty Ltd owns the property identification and assessment and related services of ecoproperty®.

This system was first developed in 1997 and is now applied to properties all around Australia and the world.

It is a dynamic system with many applications.

Over the years EcoProperty has identified and assessed many properties and projects.

You can find some current properties at www.ecoproperty.com.

EcoProperty Pty Ltd, commonly known as EcoProperty is registered in Australia (ABN 25 100 648 468).

To Contact EcoProperty : M & SMS: (61) 0409 528 692 or National T: 1300 796 326

You can also email here or skype ecoproperty

EcoProperty has offices in Sydney and Melbourne and in rural and regional areas throughout Australia.  Visits are always by appointment because EcoProperty work involves Field Trips, conferences, property visits, travel.  To ensure the right person is available to meet with you please contact the EcoProperty offices for an appointment.  Part of the philosophical commitment of EcoProperty is to minimise the impact of travel, respect people’s time and effort and achieve the most cost effective outcomes for all concerned.