Climate Emergency

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Big companies are leading us.  Speaking with Forbes on Tuesday, Cannon-Brookes (an Aussie who is co-creator of Atlassian) expressed frustration that Australia’s prime minister, Scott Morrison, did not attend the summit. “[U.N. Secretary-General] Guterres was right to say, ‘Don’t come with a speech, come with a plan.’ And we didn’t come with a speech or a plan.”

Cannon-Brookes voiced less measured criticism on Twitter. “What we need is real bloody leadership—instead we just get talking points,” he wrote. “Lead us. Don’t bulls—t us.” He linked to an article showing Morrison in Chicago on Monday, where he learned about new high-tech drive-thrus at McDonald’s, among other innovations.
“We have scientific and economic solutions to” climate change, Cannon-Brookes says. “But we can’t seem to get political and social alignment to allow those solutions to solve the problem.”

Greta has been causing a big stir – you know you are breaking ground when the response to her has been so nasty and so huge. Check out her speech too

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