Forget the climate, it is most likely toxins and food

Interesting talk with Dick Smith and Paul Ehrlich yesterday.  The major concern for our grandchildren is going to be the toxicity of the planet – the poisons we have created and left around.

As well, the earth heating by 5 degrees, not the 2 degrees that has always been predicted – will mean that the combination of soil, water, plants will be thrown in turmoil.  So with a massive massive population predicted, growth and supply of food will be the BIG problem.

What will it take – basically now it is becoming widely accepted that what we need is not just the occasional catastrophe like Sandy Storm in USA, but something forever changing like Hitler in to Poland.

The reality is that we know all the problems – now we need the solutions.  So if you have solutions send them through.  There are many solutions underway – but what is going to be the history changing one we need ?