Majestic ‘Liverpool Plains’ Exhibition at National Trust, Sydney

Research artist Dr Robbie van Hemert, has spent the past three years working with environmental scientists,‘Liverpool Plains’ farmers and the wider community to create an exhibition of over 30 works.

These botanical artworks relate to food production and its significance to the lives of everyday Australians.

The ‘Majestic Food Plains… A Land Biography’ exhibition, at the National Trust Centre in Sydney opening this March 27 showcases the magnificent “Liverpool Plains’ – one of Australia’s prime food bowls – through art and education. Details of Exhibition March-April 2015

The extensive mixed media exhibition has been described as a ‘visual voice’ for Australian farmers. The key message being its farmers who feed us not the supermarket shelf.

This voice connects the wider Australian Public to the ‘Liverpool Plains’ as a prime food source, because connecting with a place is fundamental to caring for it.

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