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EcoWATCH : Electricity – Your Home and Business

As electricity prices rise at alarming rates we have decided to have an EcoWATCH so that we can all learn from each other about where to get good deals from suppliers; experiences of suppliers or businesses using electricity price rises (and the carbon tax) as excuses for behaviour that has little or nothing to do with either.  There is so much politics around these topics so we have the Blog … Read more »

He Giveth and He Take Away – It’s All About New – Housing that is in NSW

The NSW Government’s plan is all about stimulating new housing and hoping some added bonuses may mean some of it occurring in regional area.

Good news in NSW for First Home Buyers – but only if you buy a new house or apartment.  You can now receive $15,000 for new property up to $650,000 (up from $600,000).  The $7,000 for existing property is gone.

Benefits also apply for stamp duty.  None to … Read more »

To Wind Farm or Not – how close should you live to them ?

The debate rages and the government has now stepped in in NSW – see story on the ABC here

Solar Powering your Home

Property owners beware – NSW Back Flip on Solar Power rebate – time to keep a good watch out on progress, both political and industry based throughout Australia given the NSW experience since the election of the new government
see more on ABC

Make sure you keep up to date and on the watch for new developments in other States, or new government … Read more »