EcoWATCH : Electricity – Your Home and Business

As electricity prices rise at alarming rates we have decided to have an EcoWATCH so that we can all learn from each other about where to get good deals from suppliers; experiences of suppliers or businesses using electricity price rises (and the carbon tax) as excuses for behaviour that has little or nothing to do with either.  There is so much politics around these topics so we have the Blog here, as well as the EcoProperty Newsletters on Property Ownership to cover these.

You are most welcome to discuss – or please nominate stories or experiences here for us to all share and learn from.  Please the good and the bad.  So often the internet and web is used by cowards, the crazy, so it will be great to hear positive experiences and suppliers doing the right thing, as much as the problems and the bad.

So that we can all benefit from the best options for our home and business, please submit any products or services you find fantastic and by the same token, any companies or products you believe may be exploiting the situation.

We will report in our EcoProperty Managing Property Newsletter and our Property Ownership section of the Blog so that everyone can share the benefits of each other watching and selecting.