The Corroboree Frog Gets Even More Famous – frogs and ecoproperty®

The Corroboree Frogs Gets Even More Famous

For those of you around our work for many years now, you will know that the Corroboree Frog is used in the ecoproperty® methodology when a property reaches the highest ratings in all categories for its contribution to sustainability.

Its fame grows more now with good reason as it is one of our most threatened species and we commend some great work in both increasing its recognition and more work to support its existence.

The Royal Australian Mints’ Animals of the Zoo coloured one dollar series coincides with the 150th anniversary of the Melbourne Zoo, the oldest Australian zoo.

The Melbourne Zoo is home to over 100 of these critically endangered species of frog, just 10% of the entire population known to exist and in decline. They are usually seen inhabiting alpine sphagnum bogs and marshlands in the Kosciusko National Park. Their vibrant yellow and black stripes make them eye catching indeed.  Chosen by EcoProperty’s Founder and Managing Director Catriona Jane MacDiarmid for 2 reasons – her home turf of Southern NSW and the frog being the ultimate indicator of biodiversity – just the sort of synergy that is fundamental to EcoProperty and its work on property and sustainability.  You can see more here on

The work at the ARC is fantastic in working to protect this and many other species.  You can find out lots more about frog projects and make donations here

EcoProperty makes donations from all its work to projects and organisations working towards environmental sustainability – so when you use EcoProperty services you can nominate your preferences.