6 Eileen Drive Corindi Beach, NSW 2456

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6 Eileen Drive Corindi Beach, NSW 2456


Found what they want so ready......Ideal for People Living with a Disability, Retirees. Affordable, healthy with lower cost of Living for Food, Power

House - Corindi Beach NSW

The owners have found what they want so have adjusted the price for you.

Just a 10mins walk, stroll or roll from Corindi Beach this 615m2 suburban block enjoys a single level, light and well-ventilated house.

The house and garden with fantastic edible landscape has been retrofitted for wheelchair accessibility throughout. (Easily changed back if you want to).

With grid connection solar power, an edible landscape and passive solar designed home, it provides a fabulous location, comfy house, healthy lifestyle and much to lower the cost of living.

Beyond the house, there is wheelchair accessible to the beach, good, wide footpaths on all major roads in Corindi Beach. Wheelchair accessibility to the local chemist, cafe, pub and post office. Coffs Harbour close by is a major regional centre providing all goods and services.

The house is completely level from the driveway, through the house, all the way to the shed in the backyard. Where there were lips in the path or small steps, these have been ramped.
The front door is 1m wide to allow easy access for a manual or power wheelchair.

Floors throughout the house are polished concrete except for the laundry and bathroom which are tiled. This allows easy wheeling and manoeuvring of either a manual or power wheelchair.

The kitchen has flexibility for wheelchair and standard height for all preparation, cooking, cleaning, storage and enjoyment.

Multiple drawers to allow easy access to kitchen items. The stainless steel bench at the end of the kitchen incorporates the stove top. The bench is 75cm high to allow a manual wheelchair user to wheel under the bench and sit comfortably at the bench to chop and prepare food. This height would not work for someone in a power chair. The bench is stainless steel so that hot items from either the stove or the oven can be moved straight onto the bench removing the need for them to be carried. The oven has 3 telescopic shelves which pull out fully allowing food to be moved straight to the bench without needing to lean into the oven. This allows someone in a wheelchair to remove food safely from the oven to the stainless steel bench. The black bench top at the other end of the kitchen is normal height as is the sink. The sink is clear below so that a wheelchair user can wheel in under the sink to utilise the sink. The dishwasher has been raised off the floor so that the shelves can be emptied or filled by someone in a manual wheelchair.

The kitchen sliding door tracks are sunken into the ground allowing seamless entry to and from the kitchen/verandah.

Bathroom access is also ramped. The bathroom door can be lifted off its hinges from the outside if someone was stuck after a fall in the bathroom. There are rails for toilet and shower access in the bathroom. The flat rail next to the toilet lifts up out of the way to allow for easier transfers. All rails on the walls of the bathroom are grab rails. These double as towel rails. The shower is a wet area with no lip or bump to enter so a commode can be wheeled in easily. The shower area is 1mx1m. The shower rose is attached to a hose so it can be handheld or placed in the normal position for someone who is standing. The bathroom sink is clear below it so a manual wheelchair user can wheel in close to the sink to wash hands etc. The mirror comes right down to the sink height so it is easy to see yourself from a manual chair sitting position. It also goes normal height for standing members of the family. The bathroom door width is also 1m.

The door to the main bedroom is 95cm wide. The door to the second bedroom is a standard 75cm wide. The kitchen sliding door is 80cm wide. The internal laundry door is 75cm wide and the external laundry door is 80cm wide.

There is a ramp at the internal laundry door.

All access door handles in the house are levers for easier opening and grip. All taps are quarter turn for easier control with weak hands.

The roller doors on the garage and shed are both powered for easy access.

Floor plan shows original, and sketch plan shows the changes made during the renovations.

Outside the Diamond grid path goes from the end of the verandah to the opening of the shed. The diamond grid has proven an excellent solid surface for either a manual or power chair.

The Diamond Grid path surrounds the raised garden beds in the front yard. Here, the grid is filled with small pebbles which is an excellent solid surface for a wheelchair to wheel across. The distance between raised garden beds allows very easy access for either a manual or power wheelchair. All raised garden beds are 40-50cm high to allow easy access from a wheelchair for planting or weeding. These are an excellent height to kneel next to while you work, saving bending over!

The gardens are a work of art and love! Super productive, beautiful to look at and give lots of joy. There are numerous places to sit and watch the chooks or the native birds or insects.

Such happy times wandering through the yard foraging for fruit, vegetables and herbs, losing track of time because of all the wonders found along the way!

The clothesline can be wound to normal height or lowered to a height that enables someone in a manual wheelchair to hang clothing. This was achieved by shortening the post that goes into the ground. The clothesline still winds up to a considerable height. The clothesline is accessible via the diamond grid path.


Plenty of storage and space in this comfortable home on a very gently sloped block. The house is well orientated capturing cool breezes in summer and sunshine in winter.

Cooking is with gas (LPG) stovetop and electric oven, both ASKO.

Apricus solar hot water system.

Wood burner for heating. Fans for cooling.

Polished concrete floors throughout except bathroom and laundry which are tiled.

North/easterly aspect with verandahs to the east and north.

Extensive permaculture gardens including well established fruit/nut trees, natives and raised garden beds provide an excellent edible landscape.

Fully fenced. Native bees and chickens optional extra.

Grid connected 4.6kW solar system plus 7.2kWh battery backup. Proof is in the power bill. Just $194.1 3 for the last quarter!

A 9000L Colourbond water tank is plumbed to laundry and toilet. A 4500L stainless steel water tank is in place for garden watering and drinking.

Large 7x3M shed built with power connected.

1 garage with automated roller door.

Electronic security system. NBN, fibre to the node with ethernet connected to the living area and the second bedroom.

Enjoy a wide range of vegetables and herbs grown here for Mediterranean recipes galore, plus lots of veggies for the Aussie diet such as asparagus, garlic, patchouli, lemongrass, citronella grass, mushroom plant, peanuts, pumpkins, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, celery, Bay Laurel, perennial basil, native lemon myrtle, native aniseed myrtle. Request the full list.

Wonderful fruit trees such as lemons, lychee, macadamia, native raspberry, native blue tongue berry, pineapples, coastal apple, native limes (red and green), native lemon aspen, muscat grape vines, boysenberry, strawberries. Request the full list.

Other plants include native bushes, grasses and small trees, and roses.

Nearest GPs are in Woolgoolga (12km away). Nearest hospital is Coffs Harbour (40km away) which is a large regional hospital. Nearest ambulance is also in Woolgoolga (12km). Specialists in Coffs Harbour include (but not limited to) Cardiology, Respiratory, Renal, Haematology, Oncology (with a cancer treatment centre at the hospital which can manage most common cancers), Gastroenterology, Dermatology, visiting Neurologist, multiple surgeons of varying specialty.

Corindi Beach has a local primary school and high school is in Woolgoolga (12km). Both have school buses. although the primary school is well within walking distance from this property.

The beautiful beach is a 10min walk and the State Forest for Mountain biking and hiking (5-10 mins drive/ride).

Both Coffs Harbour and Grafton now within easy reach with the dual lane highway easily accessible from Corindi Beach.

Corindi Beach offers a perfect combination of beachside, country lifestyle with the convenience of a large rural centre nearby.

Property Features
  • House
  • 2 bed
  • 1 bath
  • 1 Parking Spaces
  • Land is 615 m²
  • Garage
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