2305 Wymah Road Wymah, NSW 2640

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2305 Wymah Road Wymah, NSW 2640


PRODUCTIVE ORGANIC FARM ready for your ECO HOME: an excellent example now identified as ecoproperty®

- Wymah NSW

Known as Lot 133, this 29.42ha is part of Wymah Organic Olives and Lamb Farm and business. Its next owner would be given the first opportunity to buy part, or whole, of the adjacent farm ‘Dalkeith’ with homestead, infrastructure and business.

Located in the beautiful valley of Wymah, on the North Arm of the Hume Weir in Southern NSW, it is part of the Albury-Wodonga BioRegion. This is your chance to take on a fully certified organic farm. Here you can start right away working the orchards and receive an income. In addition, a modest income can be obtained from setting up or managing sheep on the pastures.

Close to the Murray River, this property is 40 minutes from the Albury regional centre NSW, on the South West slopes of the Great Dividing Range. Rainfall 700 mm (28 inches) described as a Mediterranean climate. During indigenous occupation it was open woodlands with wetlands and billabongs.

On this 29.42 ha site there are 1800 mature olive trees annually processing award winning extra virgin olive oil and naturally fermented table olives, from mainly Kalamata and Frantoio varieties.

Organic principles are used including contour layout, bulk on-farm compost application, intermittent grazing and mow mulching of annual prunings.

At least 3 house sites have been identified, so there are plenty of choices: you can choose a higher location with lake and mountain views or, if you prefer, easy access to the road. One house will be permitted by Council. Mains power is adjacent to the land at the NNW gate. Off grid life is possible as well. There is access to the northern sun.

The whole farm of Dalkeith and Lot 133 is Certified Organic, an integrated mixed farm with minimal off-farm inputs. The farm grows and processed olives and lamb to market and via direct sell. Both products have been awarded.

Paddock configuration/rotational grazing for Lot 133
General land preparation: Keylined, a bund was built to guide runoff, and mineral replacements were applied in 2010. The current rotational grazing is through 5 paddocks plus the mature Olive grove. This can be further divided by electrification with much of the feeder lines ready. Mixed native, clovers and introduced grasses provide a healthy range of feed. Good shade available. Established tree breaks optimise shade and drought care.

Water: A large 20 megalitre dam is spring fed and bund harvested. An irrigation system to the olives and water for livestock is established on the property. This includes a 100,000L header tank. Olive irrigation is generally only required from January to March. Sufficient water can be established easily to provide for permaculture and household needs.

Collaborative farming with the main farm could continue with arrangements to use the olive press and production unit on the adjacent farm, as well as access to other infrastructure and learning opportunities. Should it be required, employment on the main farm or share farming on the main farm will be available: in farm livestock, fencing and pasture care, horticultural: harvesting, pruning, composting, irrigation; olive processing and direct and online marketing.

This approach would mean your income can start within the first year.

Permanent or interim agreements with the adjacent farm Dalkeith can be:
• Olive processing unit access
• Use of the processing unit for honey production and location of hives near the biodiversity plot and the National Park
• Stock yards with access
• Exchange of payments in kind and work coordination removing the necessity for new owners to work alone
• Currently the olive orchard can be irrigated either by the dam, but could also be by arrangement with the bore on the adjoining property
• Agreement for bore water can be arranged and/or a potential bore application
• temporary dwelling can be placed on the main farm during building on Lot 133
• Share farming or leasing

Annual income from Lot 133
Income right now: The most practical aspect of this farm is the availability of early achievement of income, taking on the olive grove and livestock sales. Taking this on along with house building would need thoughtful planning. The current owner is willing to help with this transition.

Details of the estimated olive gross income from organic olives from Lot 133: when annually pruned, composted and harvested is available. Other income options include working with the adjoining farm, all work could be shared or the olive production leased back. As the other farm also has a similar sized orchard, the gross estimates are solely based on Lot 133 sales.

Livestock Income: For example, from the sale of lambs and breeders. The returns would depend on the method of sale and starter sheep numbers and the owner’s skills set. Ranging from whole live to pre-packed meat.

Live Lamb income gross returns are also available. Higher income with direct marketing of vacuum-packed meat selling of maidens and older females would add to this, but require investment in equipment and time.

Please submit the property inquiry form to receive the financial information in more detail.

Other Potential Income
Based on your passions or skills, there are many additional uses suitable for this land, its assets and Mediterranean style climate:
• Pasture fed chickens and goats for their products and for worm and weed control
• Eggs, chickens and other fowl
• Bees and honey (near a National Park)
• Micro dairy
• Goats (pasture improvement/milking/meat
• Mediterranean herbs
• Vegetables for fermentation
• Fruits such as apples, avocados, figs
• Permaculture education
• Local trees and nuts
• Orchard

This property has been under continuous organic certification since 2002. Currently with Southern Cross Certification (SXC No 22010), the owner is actively seeking new owners who wish to pursue this pathway. The current owner will retain certification until contract settlement, to ensure seamless transition.

The owner is also committed to mixed, integrated organic farming and regenerative farming. The integration model makes the wastes of one part of the farm into secure, inexpensive carbon-saving inputs of another farm project. It also allows income to spread through the seasons. It can offer education and delight to both visitors, customers and owners. The vendor will be delighted to ensure transition to new owners who are willing to share and practice this ethical approach. Contact EcoRealEstate if this seems like an option for you for further discussions.

Easy access to one of Australia’s major regional centres of Albury-Wodonga there are many benefits. Albury connections include: airport to many major cities, rail is active from Albury, freeway links 20km from the farm. Training facilities: colleges and universities are available in Albury-Wodonga. Regular courses in modern agricultural practice occur via Landcare, MLA and similar organisations.

Schools of all levels are serviced by school buses.

Wymah enjoys a local well-appointed community meeting place, museum, tennis courts and ferry to the NE of Victoria and on to Albury.

The listing contract and rates notice is available on request.

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  • Land is 29.42 hectare
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