EcoReality is for assistance with an existing property that you need to make decisions about : to buy, to improve, to retrofit or renovate, to consider how to pass on your assets to your children, friends, donate it or as we know some people pass it on to their pets.

BUYING HELP:  EcoProperty Specialist Consultants use the ecoproperty® system for identifying and valuing property.  Need help with buying ?  EcoProperty has a Program ecoreality to assist you with the decision making about a property you are considering purchasing. EcoReality Submit the property here including its URL if it has one.

DON’T BUY DECISIONS : If you decide not to buy, and instead want assistance about creating the assets in your existing property, EcoProperty will also assist with these decisions.  Sometimes buying a new property is not the best solution – retrofitting and renovating your existing property can achieve best outcomes for your lifestyle and the family asset.  Existing property Submit here

BUY AT RIGHT PRICE :  One of the biggest errors in real estate is people not selling or buying for the right price.  Having the best Pricing Strategy in place requires expertise, experience, knowledge of the type of property and its location, and up to date information about the property market at the time of purchase or sale.  Need help – it is available in lots of different ways.  Please email us here

You are welcome to email your request here or of course phone or SMS:  anytime (61) 0409 528 692