Lot Lionsville Road, BARYULGIL
Northern Rivers, NSW, 2460
If you are ready to get back to real living based on self-sufficiency and self-reliance this may be the place for you
Over 1600 acres with 3 kilometres of crystal clear Clarence River country up near the headwaters.

Here you can tick all the boxes for sustainability.

It is remote without being too remote as it is half an hour from a small township and only 1.5 hours from 2 major cities and yet the terrain ensured the remoteness.

Over 1600 acres, rising from the river to over 500 metres in height at the trig station on top of Mount Ogilvie (half of this mountain is contained within the property boundaries).

3.5 kilometres of pristine Clarence River high near the headwaters where the water is clear and the sand is clean, with huge granite boulders for the river to make such beautiful music with.

Over 350 acres of arable river flats, rich and loamy and easy to crop, all separated into isolated pockets with ridges and valleys between.

Tall timbers and ancient Grass Tree forests set amongst pockets of Rain Forest nestled in spring fed deep gorges.

Mount Ogilvie is a granite intrusion through the sandstone of the ancient Clarence/Moreton Basin and provides a huge resource of granite slabs, boulders and manageable rocks ideal for stone house, rubble stone walls or slip form construction.

The sand is plentiful and clean for concretes and mortar while the loamy clay deposits are excellent for the formation of mud bricks or rammed earth construction.

Orientation is ideal for solar generation and enough height to gravity feed for water pressure.

Plenty of dead timber for slow combustion stoves and heating.

Occasional winter frosts but the river and hidden valleys ensure the summer temperatures are not oppressive.

Some clearing of Lantana and Cat's Claw will open up larger areas of arable river flats as required.

Access is via a dedicated Crown Road, deliberately kept for 4WD only to keep out weekend campers and fish poachers (the rare Eastern Cod and huge Bass call this stretch of the river home as do the Black Swans and Pelicans)

The area is famous for the Gold that was mined by hand and old shafts have been located, diggings and relics of a bygone era and much alluvial Gold can still be found in the mighty Clarence River which replenishes itself with regular Rain Forest flooding.

The property is truly "Off Grid" as there are no passing powerlines to be seen and definitely no telephones although mobile reception is available on the ridges.

There are no rabbits, goats or wild pigs although some dingoes have been seen passing through, the wildlife includes some of the rarer species, Greater Gliders, Black Cockatoos, Platypus and Pigmy Possums while Koalas have been heard but not yet seen.

What more could be required, endless clean water, arable pockets of loamy river flats, lowlands and highlands, abundant building sites and materials and away from the oppression of rules and regulations without being too remote from supplies.

The property lends itself to group or multi family buying, or set up some community living, and Clarence River Council has many such communities well established already.

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Northern Rivers
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Price : $650,000 neg with some options
Property Type : Land

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Land Area : 1600 Acres

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Lot, Lionsville Road
NSW 2460

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