EcoProperty helps you find properties that protect, conserve and promote sustainable living. It is free to submit your property – for sale, rent, lease, holiday, to share, perhaps you want a caretaker or to exchange.  The property and you can be anywhere in the world.  You can be a property owner, business, real estate agent, or any individual.  The property can be urban or rural, fully or partially eco, bush blocks, conservation, organic farming, apartments, houses, lifestyle, an housing project, a business you are ready to pass on, ecovillage or cohousing.  That’s right – People and Property Anywhere and Everywhere.

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Why Use EcoProperty ?

Benefits of the 8 Ps of EcoProperty
  • Pass on your Passion
  • Promotion, advocacy, networking
  • Access Eco People who will appreciate your Place
  • Free and Comprehensive Specialist Programs
  • Preserve what... اقرأ المزيد »


Food River Station


Start selling for free. For marketing tools, higher profile, access to buyers, eco networks, specialist services, pricing strategy, see programs below.

إيجار / كرتكينغ /

Get started finding tenants immediately for free. For marketing tools, higher profile, eco networks, specialist services, pricing strategy, see programs below.


Promote your rental for free. Exchange home, farm, apartment. For more comprehensive marketing, higher profile, eco networks, specialist services, see programs below.

تجاري /

Special projects, commercial sales, leases, get underway for free. For best outcomes, access comprehensive marketing services and specialist services, programs below.

يوجد من -
ايكو الدخول

For existing property or one you are considering buying or retrofitting, or to understand its eco potential. Either free or quote provided depending on history and complexity.

الموقع فقط

Wake up the market. Free listing for property selling renting, leasing, holiday, exchange, caretaking. Do the best job possible by your property and consider additional services.

الشبكات بنشاط

Comprehensive advertising and marketing national and international.

بيئة أخرى

Standard Eco Profile with additional access to Eco Networks. Extension available under Arctic Tern Programs to and if you would like traditional marketing and advertising as well.

Eco Properties across Australia