88 Sunset Crescent Sugarloaf, Qld 4380

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88 Sunset Crescent Sugarloaf, Qld 4380


Off the grid Solar Power Permaculture with Sustainable Features Timber and Rammed Earth Construction eco property near Stanthorpe on the Granite Belt

- Sugarloaf Qld

This is an ecological off the grid Permaculture property, with own solar panels for electricity and solar hot water system for the bathtub and showers.

The affordable asking price for this property is because the infrastructure is subject to Council approval. You may need to be a cash buyer, or to be seeking finance over the land, or for a small proportion of the asking price.

The dwelling is a rammed earth construction built from subsoil of the same property! The interior structure is a large open studio like space with a large living room merging to the office space and the dining area flowing into the kitchen.

Every piece of wood in the house has its own history here. All the timber is local and most of it was milled by the owners from fallen trees in the nearby surroundings. Many other materials like the windows, tiles and bricks are recycled and add character to the beauty of the house.

There is a sunroom, Earthship style, that helps with heating the whole house in winter and provides a semi-outdoor-indoor space pleasant for sitting and enjoying the natural environment.

A fire-fighting system is in place including portable 1000L water tanks, anti-fire sprinkler system on the roof, a fire-fighter water pump, and a Ute to use with the tanks and pump. 2 firefighting outlets from the underground pipe system.

The property is equipped with an underground water system, a grey-water system for grey water from the kitchen, showers, and washing machine. It produces odourless water to reuse for watering.

The property is off grid, powered by a solar system of 2KVA from the 8 panels on the roof of the dwelling. There is a 2KVA generator as a backup, to boost the batteries with extra charge when needed.

The bath house is a stand-alone building with inside a shower, bathtub, sink and storage space. The hot water is supplied from the 300L evacuated-tubes solar system on the roof of the bathhouse and is backed up with a hot water gas system that is easily switched on and off.

The 2 toilets have a separate composting system with ash and sawdust, and 2 composting chambers with air fan for minimising the odours, and a worm vask for collection, to make it re-usable for fruit trees.

Already at least 25 trees have been planted on the land including figs, banyan tree, a couple of elderberries, a couple of apricots, peach, pomegranate, olives, lemons, mulberries, pears, one pecan, one plum, and few native bushes for birds food in the outdoor, and a couple of avocados and paw paws in the indoor area of Earthship veranda, together with already grown herbs like turmeric, lemongrass, aloe vera, and more.

There is also a veggie garden already starting out with many already grown herbs like rosemary, zaatar or middle eastern oregano, oregano, etc and a greenhouse already functioning.

A dam near to the greenhouse is already planned to host ducks or other animals if desired.

There are 4 dams in total and a swale system in the heart of the property with canals to maximize the use of the water as it makes its way to the large dam. There are 2 large dams and 2 more small dams, and a water course.

The land has also been already cleared from at least 90% of invasive blackberries. Something that is required by the council, and now only the last 10% still remains to be cleared or re-organised as a cared cultivation of blackberries, if desired.

The house is sold furnished included in the price, with:
• 3 solid wood bookshelves, matching with the wooden stairs and the wood all around
• Balinese coffee tables, dining table and wooden kitchen cupboards with all kitchen supplies
• New fridge ideal for a solar system
• Food storage in-build room right next to the kitchen
• Beds, mattresses and feather doonas for winter, sofas and sofa beds, an in-built wardrobe and a wooden wardrobe upstairs
• 3 foldable saunas
• New washing machine
• Land management and building tools
• Chainsaw, electric saw, and all necessary tools and materials to expand the building if so desired
• Land care machinery, a petrol plough, a petrol ride on mower, a petrol generator for extra electricity if needed

Property Features
  • 2 bed
  • 1 bath
  • Land is 5 acre
  • Road Map
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