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Log-in Problems

If you have problems with log-in, please setup an Account.  If you know you definitely have an Account already but logging in is not working, please contact Tech Support here

How Does Your System Work ?

EcoProperty’s commitment is to assist you find the best buyers and tenants for your property.  It has a range of Programs to select from.

Who does the selling, renting or any contact for my Property ?

You or your agent does the work of selling or renting your property.  EcoProperty provides you with all the resources to make the best decisions about this, as well as marketing and promotion.

How Do I Know if my Property is Suitable for your Services ?

Almost any property is suitable. The best thing to do is talk to EcoProperty is you are not sure.  EcoProperty is also about education and resources to ensure best outcomes for the property as well as the owners, current or new.

Can I Sell or Rent my Property through your services even if I don’t think it is environmental enough ?

The EcoProperty focus has always been on property and sustainability. In developing our work we have established our reputation to provide an enjoyable experience. Once we know more about your property we can advise you what will work best for it and you and how EcoProperty can help you.  You may be very surprised.

Do You Work with Local Agents Too ?

Local agents can do the selling or renting for you.  So EcoProperty provides its services to agents all the time.

Our Property is Highly Unusual – Do You Work with Other Specialists ?

Yes EcoProperty works with other businesses and organisations all the time. Talk to us as we happily will explain how real estate works these days.   And how we recommend you negotiate the best team (and fees and expenditure) for you and your property.

How can I print a page to take as a record ?

If you have Print set up on your browser you may be able to print page.  Otherwise brochures can be downloaded and then printed. Part of our commitment to sustainability is a paperless office and the digital world supports more efficient use of resources.

Is it possible to tell a friend about a property ?

On the property display page you will find lots of Sharing Options – Send to a Friend.  For example you can email to a friend or share on social networks

How can I switch the language ?

You can change the language by clicking one of the flags on the bottom of any page or visit Change Region.