New England - North West, NSW
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New England Lifestyle or Investment
This property will suit anyone looking for an alternative lifestyle, together with income opportunities.

Any prospective purchaser interested in organic farming, permaculture and/or ecotourism would find the property ideal.

Climate is moderated significantly by topography and proximity to gorges, but can enjoy good winter snowfalls.

Excellent views from home site together with thoughtful positioning make future living environment very attractive.

Much infrastructure existing, with near-completion of dream home in idyllic surroundings. Up to date solar power system in well constructed purpose designed shed. (Should grid connection be desired, this installation will facilitate sale of power back to energy provider.)

Reticulated high pressure water supply at gardens and house (excellent quality dam water - gravity fed) and rain water for drinking, cooking etc. Abundant wildlife with many parrot species (some listed as uncommon e.g. glossy black cockatoo), echidna, kangaroos & game animals including deer.

Existing Orchards with more under development. Bush walking, swimming, fishing, native bird & wildlife watching, waterfall & hidden gorge. No noxious weed problems. School bus to property front gate. Mail delivery 3 times each week.

Nearest town is Walcha (32 km) which has all needed facilities & shops. Armidale is just over one hour by road. Armidale boasts modern facilities, rail & air services, and is home to the University of New England (UNE).
New England - North West
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Price : $545,000
Property Type : Rural

Building DETAILS

Number of Floors : 1
Ensuite : 1

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