Central West, NSW
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50 Reasons reach out Rylstone: Revegetation, Rejuvenation, Restoration, Retreat, Writing, Reading, ReNew, Retire, Remarkable, Ridiculously Cheap, Real
Reason 1
It starts with the welcoming driveway to this Gorgeous conservation property

Reason 2
Depending on what time of day you arrive, very soon you feel nestled down in the beautiful setting of Elephant Mountain and Lion Mountain the gatekeepers to the upper part of the valley and the perfect backdrop to this property.

Reason 3
its late afternoon you will find your wildlife companions whilst you sip a cup of tea or drink on the front verandah.

Reason 4
If dinner or lunch follows, you will be amazed by the dining room table seemingly endless metres of magnificent timber. All your friends and family, or guests and colleagues, will appreciate the beautiful woodwork by expert local craftsmen - furniture, doors, bookcases I red ironbark, silver topped stringybark, red river gum & cypress.

Reason 5
If astronomy is your thing you can later venture to a small building to gaze at the stars and moon, or take a moonlit walk in one of the many pathways.

Reason 6
By day you may wish to linger in one of the fabulous bedrooms. Accommodation is varied large double bedrooms and large bathroom in the main house, separate guest quarters self contained, or separate cottage (really another home) half way up the driveway.

Reason 7
Be empowered by the use of natural resources - solar hot water, rainwater from the tanks, power from the sun.

Reason 8
More reading or writing, or perhaps artwork will take you to one of the towers, or cottages, or if the outdoors beckons be inspired. Workplaces abound towers to write, round hideaways to paint in, sun filled spaces with beautiful views to read in, or the outdoors beckons inspiration.

Reason 9
To balance the privacy and seclusion of Long Gully, venture to either community of Mudgee or Rylstone in easy reach.

Reason 10
Be extended by visits to the vineyards or to buy any of the increasingly well renowned local produce.

Reason 11
Residents can also enjoin the many community and environmental activities throughout the year.

Reason 12
If enterprise is your thing, this property is ready for your energy and imagination. Your guests will feel revived and renewed. Ideal for eco tourism, writers retreat, artists hideaway, with a combination of accommodation and natural beauty at the ready.

Reason 13
The clean air, sense of space, healthy buildings, all lend themselves to a health and well being centre.

Reason 14
A small conference centre, B&B, teaching or music centre, research, photography, could easily be accommodated in the wonderful layout of facilities and privacy.

Reason 15
Not a gully - more like your own space and place of your dreams.

Reason 16
A bushwalker and conservationists paradise with lovely walks in the bushland and grassy areas, or higher outcrops for the energetic, endless flora and fauna to appreciate, cliffs, buffs, caves.

Reason 17
The quintessential real Australia will be loved by overseas visitors and guests as much as by your family, friends and colleagues.

Reason 18
The main house is built of mud bricks made fro the clay and sand on the property and native timbers from the property and the district. Again sustainability at its best.

Reason 19
Fires again are an enjoyable part of living when the property supplies the firewood. This includes baking in a Nectre oven and the joys of wood fired cooking.

Reason 20
Wildlife are your companions. Situated to obtain the best view down the valley, the house verandah offers a vantage point for watching the many kangaroos, wallabies, the occasional wombat, echidna and goanna, and the many varieties of native birds that forage and graze in front of the house.

Reason 21
Water supply is well provided with annual rainfall of 650mm more than sufficient to replenish 150,000 litres of water tanks.

Reason 22
This independent house enjoys solar electricity supply with high capacity batteries and generator back up providing all you need.

Reason 23
No power bills. No water rates. Hot water is supplied from the sun and augmented by cooking and wetbacks ensure all year round natural supply. The sun powers free lighting, appliances, tools, TV, internet, hot showers for two dwellings and large, outbuildings and up to 2 years storage.

Reason 24
Well serviced by phone and satellite run a local or global business with ease: reliable phones, Skype, email, fax etc

Reason 25
The owners have created a timber plantation to replace the timbers used in the buildings sustainability at its best.

Reason 26
Established gardens, chooks, home-grown food in fully enclosed ad bird wired orchard and veggie gardens.

Reason 27
Fire-proof bunkers at the main house and the cottage.

Reason 28
Large beautiful sheds for workshops, vehicles, machinery.

Reason 29
This is a paradise with privileges. In recognition of their work the owners have conservation protection for the high proportion of the critically endangered species combination known as Box, Gum and Grassy Woodland. Re-vegetation over the last 15 years means the property contains thousands of fine specimens of these trees. And of course following on closely behind now rare birds such as Glossy Black cockatoos, Powerful Owls, Spotted-tail Quolls.

Reason 30
As well as the restored forests, grasslands, spectacular, varied beauty
kangaroos, birds, wildlife up close can be enjoyed every day at the dwellings and all around the property.

Reason 31
If these are important to you, luxury living, high-status traditional plan homestead plus no-limits modernism.

Reason 32
Free rain water, plus dams, a non-perennial stream and reliable rainfall.

Reason 33
Good roads to Mudgee/Rylstone with all the regional services required for schooling, university, health, professional services.

Reason 34
A little over 3 hours to Sydney by road, 45 mins by air from Mudgee, Blue Mountains bus/rail system.

Reason 35
Economic sanity beyond cattle, sheep, banking, farming, tax troubles all your need to do is take care of the land, enjoy and if you wish take advantage of financial incentives available to you.

Reason 36
An example of this Special status - Council rates $170 a year !

Reason 37
This property is an eco-immaculate paradise, high quality luxurious dwellings, low impact footprint with all the infrastructure now in place

Reason 38
An example of carbon critical design - two gracious thick-walled double-insulated homes with two wings in the main house, log fires, impressive planted courtyard full of herbs

Separate two double bed cottage, really another house, suitable for short-stay rental,
extended family/guests privacy, plus other separate guest rooms

Reason 41
Off-site manager of proven worth available to right buyer

Reason 42
Multi purpose property to match the cycle of life - suit a young family, , an enterprise with a wonderful place to make your home

Reason 45
Latest high-tech services, on site services, low footprint, enviable economics = all equate to a fine example of future place and family living in a rural setting

Reason 46
Near historic Mudgee/Rylstone NSW and its delightful mix of long time residents, tree changers to create diversity, innovation and the future of rural Australia.

Reason 47
Your own private wildlife sanctuary with conservation endorsed by the Federal and State governments and their tenure of the surrounding ridge tops, privacy is assured and the benefits of conservation endless.

Reason 48
Access to support and grants for conservation and continue to maintain the ecoproperty highest rating Corroboree Frog in recognition of all that has been achieved in this property to date.

Reason 49
Whether you live here permanently or retreat here often, you will always feel the satisfaction of what has been created in conservation lifestyle health well being and your role in taking care of this land and its inhabitants for your children and grandchildren.

Reason 50
Enjoy the self-sufficiency of independent living while future-proofing Natures bounty a fine place for you and your familys assets.

Find the ecoproperty guide to this property on ecorealestate website and its highest rating with Corroboree Frog and all other lists and documents.
Central West
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Property Type : Acreage/Semi-Rural

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Number of Floors : 1
Ensuite : 1


Carport : 3
Off Street Parking : 3

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