Lot 5 Hayter Road, MARIA CREEKS
Far North Queensland, QLD, 4855
Nature Lovers Paradise in Biodiversity Hotspot
A 59 Ha of rural acreage in the heart of the Wet Tropics where you can build your home on a north westerly elevated site and enjoy views over stunning mountain ranges.

You can be a custodian of this globally unique ecosystem with your own private rainforest backyard, just 15 minutes from iconic Mission Beach on the Cassowary Coast and 5 minutes from the Bruce Highway.

Cleared land for your own use to build, raise livestock and plant gardens and orchards with a 10,000 Ltr rainwater tank installed at highest point. Internal roadways exist around this cleared area and access is private at the end of Hayter Road.

The cleared area available for development envelope is 2.15 ha.

A native vegetation screen planting is being established along the northern boundary of the clearing and along the western boundary of the creek.

56 ha protected forever with a Nature Refuge covenant.

A naturalists dream. By assisting to conserve the biodiversity of Australia’s Wet Tropics you will be doing your part to prevent climate change and protect known habitat for the endangered southern cassowary and vulnerable birds such as the beach stone-curlew and Macleay’s double-eyed fig-parrot.

A strong stream flows through the length of the property and is deemed suitable habitat for endangered common mist frog and vulnerable tapping green eyed frog both of which are under threat of extinction or decline. Protection and conservation management of the habitat for all of these species is essential for their survival in the wild.

Six vegetation communities have been identified across the property reflecting the overall diversity and conservation value of the site. Four of these are classified as endangered under the Queensland EPA’s Ecosystem Biodiversity Status.

1. Mesophyll vine forest with Archontophoenix alexandrae.
2. Melaleuca quinquenervia open forest, woodland and shrubland.
3. Eucalyptus pellita and Corymbia intermedia open forest and woodland.
4. Simple-complex mesophyll to notophyll vine forest on moderately to poorly-drained alluvial plains of moderate fertility in very wet and wet lowlands.

Such areas of intact and diverse native vegetation communities allow natural ecological processes to occur and support a large diversity of fauna and flora. Very little remain of these ecosystems, particularly on the coastal lowlands due to a long history of European exploitation, heightening the importance of protecting those remaining areas on private land.

The Wet Tropics is a global biodiversity hotspot and home to a rich diversity of plants and including at least 663 species of vertebrate animals and 230 butterfly species and over 4,000 plants species. Sixteen out of the world's 28 lineages of primitive flowering plants grow in the Wet Tropics and within these families, there are at least 50 flowering plant species found nowhere else.
Far North Queensland
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Price : $135,000
Property Type : Land

Building DETAILS

Land Area : 59 Hectares

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Lot 5, Hayter Road
QLD 4855

Property ID : 3669853


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